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The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

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Tips For Speakers

Congratulations. You are planning to inform people about the rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party. You will help fill a very important information gap. Here are a few tips for speakers:

1) Have people hold questions and comments until the end. If they start to break into your talk with questions or comments, you will not finish, and people will not leave with all of the information.

2) Give as many practice talks as you can - to one or two people at a time. Tell them you want their feedback. The more you practice the talk ahead of time, the more comfortable you will be with the material in front of an audience.

3) Time yourself during practice talks to make sure you are within the given time frame -- especially for classrooms where a bell could cut you off if you are speaking too slowly.

4) The more time you spend reading the TheocracyWatch web site, the better informed you will be. If you don't have time to study the material in depth, it's fine to tell your audience that the talk was developed by Joan Bokaer of TheocracyWatch, and they should direct questions to Joan here.

5) Be sure to enunciate every word. You don't want to drag the text, but you shouldn't rush either. Practice will help you find that balance between an energetic presentation that is clearly stated.

6) If you are scared to stand in front of people, take a minute, look carefully at your audience, breath deeply, and remind yourself that they are there because they want to know the information.

7) Let yourself feel the excitement of being a public speaker. It is an honor and joy to help people understand the forces shaping their world.

8) Have fun.

If you have given a TheocracyWatch presentation, please fill out our Speaker Feedback Form.

Last updated: 12-Jan-2004