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The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

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"Those who would renegotiate the boundaries between church and state must therefore answer a difficult question: Why would we trade a system that has served us so well for one that has served others so poorly?"

(Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner on the Ten Commandments ruling, June 27, 2005)


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Fringe Festival: Why We Must Take ‘Dominionists’ Seriously
Rob Boston, Americans United
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - "Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent day-long prayer-and-fasting rally in Houston has led to some interesting fallout. Commentators in the media are taking an overdue look at the extreme views of the groups that sponsored “The Response."

Rick Perry's Army of God
Forrest Wilder, Texas Observer
Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - " A little-known movement of radical Christians and self-proclaimed prophets wants to infiltrate government, and Rick Perry might be their man."

An Iowa Stop in a Broad Effort to Revitalize the Religious Right
Erik Eckholm, NY Times
Saturday, April 2, 2011 - “What we’re doing with the pastor meetings is spiritual, but the end result is political,” Mr. Lane said in a rare interview, outside the doors of the Iowa meeting. “From my perspective, our country is going to hell because pastors won’t lead from the pulpits.”

“Republican leaders and pastors call Mr. Lane the unheralded mastermind of the campaign last year to unseat (three) State Supreme Court justices.”

GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits
NickBaumann, Mother Jones
Friday, March 18, 2011 - "Under a GOP-backed bill expected to sail through the House of Representatives, the Internal Revenue Service would be forced to police how Americans have paid for their abortions. To ensure that taxpayers complied with the law, IRS agents would have to investigate whether certain terminated pregnancies were the result of rape or incest. And one tax expert says that the measure could even lead to questions on tax forms: Have you had an abortion? Did you keep your receipt?"

Rushdoony's Theocratic Libertarianism at Work in the Nation's Statehouses
Rachel Tabachnick, Talk to Action
March 15, 2011 - Excellent, "must-read" article, connecting the theocratic dots in current politics... it answers lots of questions.

Standing Up To The Bullies
Eric Allen Bell, Daily Kos
March 5, 2011 - Murfreesboro, TN: "Christianity is superior to all other forms of thought and we are not to tolerate our inferior Muslim neighbors.  In fact, they are all out to get us.  It’s a conspiracy.  They are planning to take over and force an antiquated system of religious laws upon us.  They hate us.  Their mission is to the overthrow of the United States Government.  They hate our way of life.  They’re taking over and nobody is doing anything about it.  We must stop them from building a place of worship.  We must stop them before they gain too much control...

These are just some of the ideas put forth each week by Pete Doughtie, Editor of The Rutherford Reader."

Ga. Law Could Give Death Penalty for Miscarriages, by Jen Phillips, Mother Jones
February 23, 2011 - "Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin—who last year proposed making rape and domestic violence "victims" into "accusers"—has introduced a 10-page bill that would criminalize miscarriages and make abortion in Georgia completely illegal. Both miscarriages and abortions would be potentially punishable by death: any "prenatal murder" in the words of the bill, including "human involvement" in a miscarriage, would be a felony and carry a penalty of life in prison or death."

Utah Governor Signs Controversial Law Charging Women and Girls With Murder for Miscarriages, by Rose Aguilar, AlterNet
March 9, 2010 - "a controversial Utah bill that charges pregnant women and girls with murder for having miscarriages caused by "intentional or knowing" acts, was signed into law by Gov. Gary Herbert."

Utah Continues Reckless Efforts to Lock Up Pregnant Women, by Lynn Paltrow, RH Reality Check
March 8, 2010 - "... a Utah legislator withdrew a bill that would have allowed sentences of up to life in prison for a woman who experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth as a result of her “reckless” behavior. This move has been attributed to a “firestorm” of opposition. Almost immediately, however, Utah legislators revised the bill to exempt women who commit reckless acts but to permit the prosecution of women who commit “knowing” acts that may result in stillbirths and miscarriages from the earliest stages of pregnancy."






Last updated: April, 2011